Med Bottle & Syringe Set

For those who choose to compound their own meds at home, this set provides the perfect solution for storing and administering oral medications. 

Set includes:
(1) 10ml leak proof glass bottle
(1) 1ml sterile syringe, sealed (brand varies) 

The glass bottle measures 22mm x 55mm. The plastic cap forms a very air-tight, leak proof seal.

The 1ml syringe is perfect for accurately administering the correct dosage directly into your pet's mouth, as well as measuring out the dosage to add to a small bowl of food. Be sure to wash syringe between each use to prevent contaminating medications, and aways store medication as directed.

And Remember, ALWAYS compound, dose, and administer medications as directed by an accurate source, such as your veterinarian.


Med Bottle & Syringe Set

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