Custom Figurines

Our custom ratties remain one of our most popular items. We work closely with your photos to create a one of a kind piece.

These sculpted portraits make beautiful memorial pieces, as well as the perfect tribute to your favorite rattie or mouse. 


Heart Rats

Basic Customization. 

Our most affordable custom option 

$20.00 per rat/mouse, plus optional add-ons. 

• Created in a likeness of your rat or mouse

• Random standing pose 

• Rats/Mice stand approx. 2.5" tall (not including optional base)

• 2 eye colors - Black or Red

• 2 ear types - Standard or Dumbo

• Up to 3 rats/mice on 1 base

• Rats or Mice only

Add-On Options:

• Bases: $1.25 per rat/mouse

   Several color/styles to choose from.

   Premium Finish Upgrade: $2.00 

• Free Heart (may be substituted with star, flower, or other simple shape)

   Several colors/finishes to choose from.

   Premium Finish Upgrade: $0.75


• Memorial Heart (US Only): $2.50 handling fee, per order.

   See below for details


• Wings: $3.00 per rat/mouse

   Available in several styles/finishes

If you would like customization beyond what's listed above, please see our Premium option.








Fully customizable, for a more personal touch. 

Perfect for mini scenes.

Start at $25.00 per rat/mouse, PLUS props & details.

• Created in a likeness of your rat or mouse 

• Choice of pose (limited)

• Rats/Mice measure approx. 2.5" tall/long (not including base)
• Free premium finishes/upgrades
• Countless personalization options

• 2 eye colors - Black or Red

• 2 ear types - Standard or Dumbo

• Up to 5 rats/Mice on 1 base

• Rats or Mice as main subject only

Customization May Include:

• Bases - Several color/styles to choose from

* Personalization such as clothing and teeth

• Wings -  Available in several styles/finishes

• Props, mini food, and other accent pieces 

• Ash/Fur infusion (US only) - See below for details

We can also incorporate other materials into your sculpture, such as

• Resin
• Wood Accents  

• Photo to polymer clay transfers 


Total price is determined by overall cost and complexity. 

A detailed description is required for an accurate quote.










Exceptions: Custom Reefer Rats and Zombie Rats are no longer a custom option. These will now be limited edition pre-mades, offered only once a year. All options above are limited to our original style & standard size.  Custom animals other than rats or mice will no longer be created as the main/sole sculpture.  I will not create custom people, anthromorphic animals, offensive themes, or copyrighted characters that you do not own.

Starting prices are based on a per rat/mouse basis, and do not include shipping charges or PayPal fees.  Prices are subject to change.  


Heart Finishes: 

(All colors/finishes are topped with a high gloss glaze)

• Any Solid Color

• Any Color with sparkles

• Any Color with pearlescent finish

• Silver

• White Gold Sparkle

• Yellow Gold

• White Pearl

• Black Pearl

• Transparant Opal 

• Holographic Silver

• Chameleon (several options)
• Solar (
several options)

• Marbled, any 2 - 3 color combo

Liquid Crystal (Mood Ring Effect) 

Pebeo Fantasy Paint

Chose main body color


Please Note:

Pebeo Fantasy Paint effect results vary.

 Base Finishes:

• Any color, in choice of matte or gloss

• Grass (textured)

• Sand (textured)

• Earth (textured)

• Lava Rock (textured)

• Marble

• Granite

• Silver 

• Graphite 

• Pearlescent ...

Silk Screened Design

Photo Transfer 

• Checker Board Floor

• Hardwood Flooring

Base Shapes:

• Round / Oval
 Square / Rectangle


• Interlocking: Yin & Yang, Puzzle,  


Wing Styles/Finishes: 

Coming Soon

Shipping Instructions:

Inclusions are shipped at customer's expense. 

Accepted forms of inclusions are ashes, fur, nail clippings, & dried memorial flowers.

Any unused inclusions will be returned along with the completed sculpture. 

Place inclusions into a small, well sealed, plastic bag. For ashes, please send 1/4 of a teaspoon. Please double bag. DO NOT send the entire container of ashes. 

Place bag of inclusions in well sealed envelope & mail to the address provided after purchase.

Please Note: Due to import regulations, this option is only available within the US.

Tiny hearts, infused with your rat/mouse's ashes or fur.  Created with love.  * $2.50 Handling Fee *
Memorial Hearts



Interior Option

A tiny infused Red heart is placed inside the chest of the figurine. Not visible.

Exterior Option

Figurine holds an infused heart. Inclusions are visible within the clay.​

Available in your choice of clay color - with or without sparkles.


For Premium commissions, alternative infusion is available upon request.






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