About Us

My name is Lise and I am an artist based in Melbourne, Florida. I am originally from Canada, but moved to the USA in 2007. I currently share my home with 25 rats, 3 praying mantids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, several fish & snails.

The passion for my pets is what inspires me to create.


 I have been sculpting since 2012, and most known for my Custom Rat Figurines.  My medium of choice is polymer clay, but I enjoy working with many different mediums - from clay to fabric to paint. Although most of my work centers mainly around rats, you will occasionally find other critters. In addition, I also create a variety of other items, such as decals, small animal hammocks, and accessories.


All of my work is done from a cozy home studio.

Star Brux 2014